Testing a new theme…

Pic of The Day at 26th Sept 2006Ah, you’re change the theme again; what a theme maniac –yes, I think some of my friends will eventually got mad ’bout this thing. It is not me for so excited with the “themes”, just because I’m too lazy person. Changing the theme constantly requires a lot of works –and I dislike that. But, oh… Ok then. Sometimes we need a so called “perubahan suasana (hati)” –what should I said it in English?

This time I trying Monotone; a theme specifically for photoblogging. Yeah, nice theme and really, I like the cool concept behind it. Next, you can read my opinions ’bout this theme; the pros and the cons… IMHO of course.

Ok, the pros first. Oh, well, I should say “the pro” instead, because there is only one best and cool aspect, that is, the color scheme smart adaption. The theme can deduce what colors are match with your first image on the post. What a smart theme, eh? πŸ˜€

Put an image as first object in your post and the theme will show the image as first object for that page, yes, it will occupied most area of the page. You know, this theme will display one article per page, there is no second article on a page –just one. So, give a large image, or set its size as full size, for best result. What if we put small image? It is okay, the themes seems to be have a default “minimal width”. As I said before, it will set color scheme of the page match with the image. I think it is more funny to practicing than reading, isn’t it? πŸ˜‰

Now, lets talk ’bout the cons. There are some of it, but I think two of them really worst πŸ˜•

First; we can’t customised the theme; the theme itself was a minimalistic themes; have no sidebar hence you can’t add any standard widgets. I lost two important widgets: the blogroll (oh, I miss my friends) and the recently posts. Oh my… πŸ˜•

Second; now the archive navigation became more difficult and odd (or “weird” if you like that term). Trying to click “Archive” link on the top-right, and you will see the “archive page”. We can select the month and the category, there is search box already. The weird things is: the item of articles display as boxes which contains a thumbnail of the image ini the article; the box will empty if the related article have no image at the first place –you still can get a clue about that box if you’re hovering the mouse above the box, notice the browser status bar. It is really weird and uncomfortable, isn’t it?

As the conclusion, I’ve some advice for us –me and you. I think this theme only suitable if you really do a photoblogging –yes, I mean we have most articles with one image per article, at least. Photographers are the one who suitable with this themes. If you don’t, Monotone still fine for you; it’s have default size, that is, a minimal size which applied if there is any image in the post. This is good idea since the themes still can display an article without any images nicely.

If you can life without blogroll, and stands up with the weird navigation of archives, then you should give a try… Happy [photo]blogging πŸ˜€

PS: the image taken from featured images of Wikipedia or so called “Picture of The Day“. I choose the image because it have some resemblance with my -blog- name: hyorinmaru πŸ˜‰ Oh, there is one thing left: forgive my english, surely you can find many error on this post πŸ™‚


10 responses to “Testing a new theme…

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  2. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    (Themenya Keren Abiss & Bisa Pake Adsense)


  3. @ ekonugroho and herr:
    Iya, iya…
    Udah balik lagi nih!

    For english reader: I’m so sorry, Monotone looks like not suitable for me since I don’t have many nice photos and… even not a photographer πŸ˜‰

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